• Only students of Vignan University can Volunteer

  • Batches of 2015 and 2016 are only eligible to volunteer for TEDxVignanUniversity2017.

  • The interested students should not have more than 2 backlogs.

  • The volunteer should have a basic knowledge about TED and TEDx. Can be acquired from the event website.

  • The volunteer should be flexible to work any time of day according to the vertical opted.

  • The volunteer should choose a vertical wisely considering own interests, abilities & past experiences.

  • The volunteer may or may not belong to a student body.


  • The brand appeal of TEDx will provide you wide - range of network, connections & exposure and access to great resources.

  • This event reaches to billions of people all around the world as a result of TEDx brand appeal.

  • TEDx community is a platform to grow. It is oriented to both community & individual development.

  • It will be a notable aspect about you & worth mentioning at any point of time (Ex: placements, any personal interview's, etc) all around the world.

  • We are building a great team to inspire others. Learn to lead & work with the team here.

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